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Auction closed

Item #1001

Shaquille O'Neal Signed Jersey

Shaquille O'Neal Signed Jersey

Massapequa, NY

Massapequa, NY

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As a symbol of dominance and skill, this signed jersey embodies the powerhouse era of the Lakers. Secure a unique collector's item and showcase your admiration for one of basketball's all-time greats. INCLUDES: - Jersey signed perfectly by Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal - Jersey comes authenticated by a 3rd party authenticator (PSA/JSA/AIV or Beckett’s) - FREE shipping within the continental United States Long Island Silent Auction is the tri-state area’s premier silent auction company. With over 30 years of experience in sports memorabilia and framing, Long Island Silent Auction offers only the highest quality authentic items. All items are sourced directly through the athletes or their representatives and come authenticated by leading 3rd party authenticators. Our number 1 priority is your satisfaction. Details: Shaquille O'Neal Signed Jersey, Restrictions: Winner will receive item exactly as pictured. Jersey is not game worn. It is a custom jersey made for memorabilia purposes. Signature placement may vary. Certificate expires 9 months after event date. Valid: Valid for shipments within the continental US

Every item is methodically examined and reviewed by our authenticators to ensure their expert impressions are in agreement. Each signature is compared to the world’s largest autograph exemplar library which helps confirm or deny its legitimacy. The authenticators then collaborate and employ a scoring system for the final determination of an item’s authenticity. Certified items are then given a registration number and a tamper-evident label. Items that fail our strict examination standards for certification are returned with a failure letter detailing the inconsistencies.

A note from Centennial Area Education Foundation: CAEF supports education-based community programs in the Centennial district area for over 6,000 students in the communities of Blaine, Circle Pines, Centerville, Lexington, and Lino Lakes. In the last year alone, CAEF awarded more than $100,000 to teachers and graduates.

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