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Auction closed

Item #1004

Signed Mike Tyson “Punchout” 16x20 Framed

Signed Mike Tyson “Punchout” 16x20 Framed

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

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This professionally framed Signed and Authenticated Mike Tyson 16x20 print of the iconic video game "Punchout" will bring back childhood memories of spending countless hours trying to beat all the fighters leading up to a match against Mike Tyson himself. Framed with a beautiful black poly moulding, the outside dimensions are 20" x 24" with acid free standard double mats in a V-cut design. This item includes a double Certificate of Authenticity by both Beckett and Fiterman Sports. This item will be shipped to you after the event. Shipping cost is included in your winning bid amount. Location: Multiple Details: Signed Mike Tyson “Punchout” 16x20 Framed, Valid at multiple locations Restrictions: Valid for shipping within the continental United States. Certificate expires 9 months after event date. Valid: Valid for shipping within the continental United States.

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A note from Centennial Area Education Foundation: CAEF supports education-based community programs in the Centennial district area for over 6,000 students in the communities of Blaine, Circle Pines, Centerville, Lexington, and Lino Lakes. In the last year alone, CAEF awarded more than $100,000 to teachers and graduates.

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